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On our 5th episode of season 2, I reviewed French Meadows Bakery Gluten Free Frozen Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough,and Lean on Me Frozen Gluten Free Quiche.

My Lean on Me Quiche was the Tomato Basil Onion & Mozzarella Flavor.  In my microwave, it cooked to done in exactly 2 minutes.  There was evidently some boil over, but of only liquid or condensation.  The quiche was quite good with very noticeable onion and basil flavors.  While the quiche may seem a little small, it does pack a protein punch of about 2 eggs. In my opinion it is more of a fritatta, as this quiche does not have a crust.

At a price of $2.75 this would be a nice lunch with a soup or salad, or a quick breakfast or brunch entree.

For me, I see these being a wonderful “go to” when traveling, or for anyone who needs to pack a meal.

FYI, when traveling, hotels will offer, FREE of charge a courtesy refrigerator if your room does not include one.  You don’t have to pay for an upgraded room with one included.  The courtesy refrigerators are reserved for those of us with medical or dietary needs.  I have utilized this from Vegas to Sarasota, and everywhere in between.  I have never had ANYone, act confused or question my request.  I have also obtained courtesy microwaves when needed.   All you have to do is ask.

Additionally finding anything, much less a protein source at hotel breakfast lines can be a challenge.  So a little quiche, a brought with bowl of GF cereal, and some juice.  Viola. Breakfast.

Lean on Me Baking Company also offers personal size Gluten Free cakes and cheesecakes.



My review of the French Meadow Bakery Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies was equally as nice.

They had great flavor and very good texture.  I did find them a tiny bit sweet, not in a bad way, but with a hint more sweetness that I generally find in a Chocolate Chip Cookie.  They even remained soft through the 2nd day.  At about $6 for nine cookies, they are a treat, but satisfying enough to keep finding them in my freezer!   I like the option of being able to have just a couple warm cookies here and there.


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