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I have fond memories from my childhood of summer barbecues in the backyard. I would sit outside on the deck and watch my dad clean out the grill, stack up the charcoal, and then wait until they were white hot before we threw on the burgers and hot dogs. Meanwhile, my mom prepared the typical side dishes of mayo-filled potato salad, corn on the cob with loads of butter, and double chocolate brownies. Healthy eating was the last thing on my mind.

Now, I’m much more careful about what I put into my body, but that doesn’t mean the fun of summer grilling has to go by the wayside! Below are five healthier (and gluten free!) versions of my summertime favorites.

  1. Quinoa Turkey Burgers
    I love quinoa, but have never thought to add this gluten free grain to burgers for an extra punch of nutrition. This burger recipe, from Kelly at Wholesome Dinner Tonight, uses turkey (which is leaner than beef) and even some shredded carrots to give the standard hamburger a healthy makeover. Don’t forget to grab Udi’s Gluten Free Whole Grain Buns!
    Quinoa Turkey Burger - Gluten Free
  2. Rosemary Shrimp Skewers
    Not in the mood for a traditional hot dog or burger? Try these shrimp skewers from Fitness Magazine for a healthy main course that is full of flavor. Mix up your skewers by layering the shrimp with your favorite veggies.Rosemary Shrimp Skewers
  3. Braised Green Beans and Summer Vegetables
    Forget creamy potato salad and coleslaw;  lighten up your barbecue side dish with this recipe from Delish.  Green beans, summer squash, and cherry tomatoes are easy to find during summer months in your local grocery store or at the farmer’s market.Braised Green Beans
  4.  Lebanese Potato Salad
    If potato salad a must for your BBQ, try making it dairy free to cut down on the calories and fat. This recipe for Lebanese Potato Salad uses a lemon vinaigrette to add flavor.Lebanese Potato Salad
  5. Berry Easy Dessert
    The easiest way to give your dessert a healthy makeover is to use fruit! Berries are in season during the summer months and make a great post-BBQ meal treat. Check out this recipe from Food Network using blackberries.

Blackberries and Yogurt

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