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A recent visit to P.F. Chang’s has brought some things to my attention.  The gluten free menu has been expanded. – adding  several new menu items to the already substantial gluten free menu.

P.F. Chang’s has been wonderful to the gluten free community with their attention to cross contamination and detail, as well as their generous menu.   Their preparation procedures include separate tools and pans for gluten free items and training for their staff. Your gluten free items will arrive at your table on a round plate, while your party’s non-gluten free items will arrive on square plates, so you can immediately tell which ones are yours.  They will also provide gluten free soy sauce.

Below are the new menu items:

Asian Tomato-Cucumber Salad – A light and refreshing medley of tomato, cucumber and red onion

Caramel Mango Chicken – Fresh tender chicken caramelized in a Southeast Asian glaze wok-tossed with fresh mango, tomatoes, fresno chilies and Thai Basil

Crab Fried Rice – Wok-fried rice with lump crab meat, shiitake mushrooms, asparagus, egg, smoky bacon, zesty lemon and Sriracha

Lemon Scented Brussels Sprouts – Thinly shaved, wok-charred with ginger, garlic, Thai basil and fresh lemon zest

Vietnamese Crab Salad – Lump crab meat tossed with green papaya, mango, apple, fresh vegetables and herbs in a zesty Vietnamese Nuoc Cham dressing

And the old favorites that have been added back in:

Dali Chicken – spicy chicken dish served with potatoes and leeks

Phillip’s Better Lemon Chicken – Lightly dusted and quick-fried chicken served with broccoli in a tart, sweet citrus sauce


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