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Sunday 12/18 –  Slow Cooker Sunday – A great day to put a roast and veggies in the slow cooker and “forget about it”  Leftover Alert: Do a nice size beef or pork roast, even chicken we will use 2-3 cups on Thursday.

Monday 12/19 – Sausage and Penne Alfredo  – A rich, satisfying dish.  You can own this one.  Do you like Cajun Sausage? Italian?  Your favorite sausage will go great over Gluten Free Jovial Penne tossed with Gluten Free Alfredo sauce.  I am a big fan of Natural, uncured sausages.  My most recent fave for this dish is Applegate Spinach and Feta Chicken/Turkey Sausage.

Tuesday 12/20 –   Quick Hearty Minestrone – Serve with Garlic Crisps.  Your favorite GF Pizza Crust, lightly coated with butter and garlic (2 tablespoons oft butter, mashed with 1 teaspoon garlic powder and a pinch of salt.) and cooked at 400 for about 8-10 minutes until crisp.  Cut in to random shapes.

Wednesday 12/21 – Salmon Croquettes with a large salad and your favorite side.

Thursday 12/22 –  Chicken Piccata with your favorite Vegetable Parmesan Mashed Potatoes

Friday 12/23 –  Spaghetti Night – Your Favorite Gluten Spaghetti with Asiago Cheese Bread.

Saturday 12/24 –   Merry Christmas – I am leaving this one blank.  Everyone has different Christmas Eve Traditions.


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