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We have had many an animal in my days.  I have had rabbits, a pet squirrel, a pet pigeon, many dogs, a few cats, a dozen or so horses (not counting my near 200 step horses, when I owned a horse boarding barn) When we lived on our farm in Missouri, I recall my dog count being as high as 9, and my horse count was about the same.  Through matters of happenstance we now have 6 dogs and 1 horse.

Giving respect where it is due, I will start with the oldest.

Dayzi – My husband, Jeff saved Miss Dayzi, from a parking lot in California, Missouri, the summer of 1998. He passed through this little town each day for work and kept seeing her rummaging around along the road and in the parking lot of a shopping center there.  After a few days we went to retrieve her.  We brought her and all her fleas home to our farm and she fit in wonderfully.  Part Blue Heeler, part Beagle, she has a great personality and has always been our little, bossy dog leader.  She will be 17 this year.

Scooter – Our dear Scooter.  There really aren’t words for him.  In 1997, I worked part time at my friend’s vet clinic.  Scooter was brought in, on my Birthday in December, to be put to sleep, due to aggression.  He was a year and a half old.  For some reason, I put on our “biter” gloves, and put him in a crate and took him home.  We already had a long hair dachshund and I was just drawn to him.  My husband Jeff, said no way, he was a biter and he did not have a place in our home.  Well, we were stuck with him until morning.  He cried constantly in the crate, and roamed the house frustrated.  In an effort to calm him, I tried to keep him on my lap, but he wanted to be on Jeff’s lap.  He has been there ever since.  They are the best of buddies.  We had to be careful with him and strangers, as well as me or our son approaching he and Jeff together, but he outgrew most of is issues and has been a wonderful addition to our family.  He is not a house dog anymore due to some “age” issues, but has full run of the back yard, and has learned how to swim!  He even has a video on youtube.  Scooter comes in for evening TV, movies and naps with Jeff.    RIP Scooter 2/3/13  He was 17.

JB – Our Black Lab, JB was given to us by a friend as an adult dog.   I remember when they first got him, we were on our way to a trail ride (on horses) I was traveling with the friends in their truck and for some reason JB found his home on my lap the whole way to our destination.  He was given to us a couple of years later.  He was a good hunter and has a very sensitive nature.  He does not like loud talking, or any human intensity.  A recent stroke, has him retired to the back yard.  He is a pretty mellow fellow.  He will be 14 this summer.


Paco –  Summer of 2004,  Jeff pulls into the driveway and out pops this little dog.   We had just lost our 20 year old cat and our 10 year old Dalmatian 3 days apart.  My “care giving” over that past few weeks had been extremely stressful and emotional and I could not imagine adding another animal.  We lived at the end of a mile long dead end road out in the country.  Jeff sees this little dog on the road, opens the door and he jumps in.  He was dumped on our road.   We called the Shelter, and were told, oh.. that’s Paco!  He is a regular here because he always got out of his yard.  He is not house broken and the owners finally surrendered him.  If he comes back, he will likely be euthanized.  It was late in the day on Friday, so we decided to babysit over the weekend and see…   We did not have a yard, and lived on 160 acres way out in the country.  Long story short..  He was a keeper, and he WAS house broken. (hmmm  ?)  He is the perfect lap dog, he adores me and has been my shadow ever since.  Paco is also gluten free.  We were feeding a chicken and rice type food at the time, and a week or two into his stay we gave “greenies” to the dogs (wheat starch and chlorophyl treats the other dogs loved)  Very quickly, Paco started acting weird.   Licking the floor, chewing at his feet, his belly was bright red and rashy. He started vomiting, goarging on water, and had an accident in the house.  He was allergic to wheat.  I gave him a benedryl and he settled after a while.  We are guessing this may have been why no one thought he was house broken.  He is our only full time house dog, now and travels with me whenever possible and is my Gluten Free Mascot.   Paco is 11.

CC – This girl is something else.  The only dog we have ever bought.  It was near our anniversary in Fall 2003.  Jeff’s long time hunting companion, Forrest, had cancer and was not expected to live much longer.  JB, was getting older and Jeff had been considering a puppy.  We went to see a male pup from a reputable breeder.  We took along a duck from a recent hunt and hid it in an area of the yard.  The little chocolate pup could care less.  The other remaining pup of the litter, a female, grabbed the scent and went right over to the duck.  Sold!  I have never seen a more “in love” dog.  She absolutely lives to be in the presence of Jeff.  She is a strong, strong hunter, she does not have an off button.  CC has not only been a great hunting dog, she also has become quite the house diva and likes to hang out for TV, movies, and naps.  She spends her days in Jeff’s office or on the mat outside his door.  Forrest stayed with us another 6 years.  CC will be 10 in the fall.

Dieffer – Our rogue misfit and welcome addition.  We live in the country, still, but in another area on a smaller place.  Jeff was out of town for a few days in summer 2009.  I step out of the front door one morning to say hi to Dayzi, CC and JB and there is this dog sitting in the corner of the front yard.  The dogs seemed to ignore him and I shooed him away.  A little later I am going out the other direction to the barn to feed horses and I see him sitting in the shade of the fig tree, I shoo him away again, and tell him to go home.  While feeding the horses I come around a corner and there he is, sitting and watching me feed.  He had almost creepy, amber eyes and was a little close for comfort, I shooed him off again.  This went on for about three days.  He just kept lurching around, being creepy, appearing out of nowhere and following me around.  He was getting thin and I decided to feed him and get a picture to post and run ads, so I could find his owner.  No luck.  He was apparently dumped.  Dief is actually a sweetheart.   His former home must have been a little scary, he had a lot of fear, but getting better.  He is very attached to me and very loyal.  He is a heeler/cur mix and loves the horses.  He has a lot of natural breed drives and I have taught him to go get the horses for me.  He also has a protective nature that has come into the forefront as he has matured.  He will be 6 this year.


We have a new addition.  Her name is Daisy (also)  She is a coming 3 year old black lab we got from a friend who needed to find her a home because they were relocating.   She is smart and very special.  Photo coming soon.

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  1. Rhiannon says:

    Omg! I love this post, I think it’s so wonderful that you have opened your hearts and homes to so many animals. Some people see pets like accessories, something that works for them some of the times, and when they don’t they get discarded – and that saddens my heart. I’m so happy and grateful for responsible, kind people such as yourself giving second chances to animals that really deserve to have the life they should have been living in the first place.

    I have two dogs and hope to one day have the space for more! One is a longhair doxie – she’s a real boss, lol – and the other is half dachshund, half yellow lab. He looks like a mini lab! Hates the water though – don’t think he’d ever have any interest hunting ducks ;-P

    • Discover Gluten Freedom says:

      thank you rhiannon,
      pets have always been a very special part of our lives.
      lol! I have never seen a doxie-lab.. ohhh and long hairs..they are precious!

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