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I have had a lot of requests for information about eating out.  It can be tough.  While there are food allergen lists out there for several places, many are not updated and change as the establishment changes distributors.

The most important advice I can give:

1.  Make a Dietary Card.  I print them from my word processor, about 8 to a page, cut them into squares and keep them with me at all times, I rarely get them back so don’t go through the expense of laminating or making something special.

2. Engage.  Immediately and ask for a gluten free menu.  If none is available, politely tell (this is not really a time for an ask.. it leaves you open to a wishy washy response.) the server you need to send the card to the chef and have he/she help you with your decision.  Example  “Hi, I have some dietary considerations.  I need you to take my dietary card to the chef for review, please.”


Outback Steakhouse offers a Gluten Free Menu in the restaurants and on line for each location, and are always a go to for me.

Jason’s Deli offers a Jason’s Deli GF Menu online and in Restaurants.  They are supplies with Udi’s Gluten Free Whole Grain Bread in commercial size which makes a hearty sandwich and are offered for sale by the loaf. (a 30oz loaf!)  They also offer soups, salads, potatoes, a kid’s GF menu and desserts.

Pei Wei   –  They have 9 Gluten Free options  You MUST request the Item be made Gluten Free.   Their Spicy sauce, even on chicken DOES contain Clam Juice/Shellfish.  I just found this unexpected.  I have attached their full Pei Wei Nutritional Allergen Statement

PF Changs – PF Changs is the parent company of Pei Wei but they do have different Gluten Free dining choices and at a higher price point. They offer menus at the restaurants and online.  They do not provide an Allergen Statement.

Red Robin  –  They offer Gluten and Allergen info on their site as well as in the restaurants.

Boston Market – They offer Gluten and Allergen info on their site as well as in the restaurants.

Saltgrass Steakhouse –  They do not post a menu, but the servers are said to be educated and will help you design a  GF Meal, at my recent visit I learned their chicken breasts are marinated in a gluten containing marinade, so for chicken options, they pull out the unmarinated tenders and prepare for you.

Carinos  – Carino’s has really stepped up with their Gluten Free Offerings.  They also provide an Allergy Statement Carinos_Allergen_6-1-11

Maggiano’s Little Italy  offers Gluten Free dining, but no information at this time on their site, nor have I been there.

Carrabas offers Gluten Free Dining  CarrabbasGFMenu

Macaroni Grill offers a Full Gluten Free and Allergen Statement – MacaroniGrillGF_Allergen_Menu

Olive Garden offers a Gluten Free Menu online and in Restaurants.

On the Border offers a Gluten Free and Allergen Statement – On the Border GF Allergen Stmt

McAlisters Deli offers a McAlister’s_GlutenFree menu online and in restaurants.

Wendy’s has a nice selection of Gluten Free items.  Wendys_GlutenFree  I find some restaurants have this list and some do not.  They also offer an Allergen Statement Wendy’s Allergen List

Subway – Subway is starting to offer Gluten Free sandwich buns and brownies in select markets in Texas and the Northwest.

Taco Bell  Taco Bell does have some Gluten Free Options.  I find the options limited by my dietary needs but could suit you.  Taco Bell Allergen Statement






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    Uno Chicago Grill has a GF menu http://www.unos.com/nutrition.php

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