Season 2, Episode 6. Karen Morgan part 2
August 31st, 2011EpisodesMelinda 0 Comments

Part 2 of my interview with Karen Morgan, author of Blackbird Bakery Gluten Free.  She shares with us her future plans and projects on the horizon.  

Season 2, Episode 5, Cookies and Quiche
August 17th, 2011EpisodesMelinda 0 Comments

My review of Lean on Me Baking Company Gluten Free Quiche and French Meadow Bakery Gluten Free Frozen Cookie Dough    

Season 2, Episode 4, Karen Morgan part 1
August 10th, 2011EpisodesMelinda 0 Comments

Part 1 of my interview with Karen Morgan, Author of Blackbird Bakery Gluten Free.  She shares her story and how it inspired her to create her cookbook.  

Season 2, Episode 3.  Fish Piccata, Pasta and Dessert
July 21st, 2011EpisodesMelinda 0 Comments

I prepare a quick, easy Gluten Free Fish Piccata, Gluten Free Garlic and Lemon pasta and a dessert.  

Season 2, Episode 2.  Jason’s Deli and Udi’s Gluten Free
July 19th, 2011EpisodesMelinda 0 Comments

I visit Jason’s Deli and explore their gluten free options. I am also please to find more Udi’s gluten free bread than I was expecting.

Season 2, Episode 1.  Gluten Free Fried Chicken
July 10th, 2011EpisodesMelinda 0 Comments

Money Saver Bottom Line – 2 pounds of fried chicken tenders – Cost $9.40. Buy these in the freezer section it will be $30 +/-         Your savings equals 68% or about $20.00 for 40 minutes of your time. Get the Recipe Here.  Gluten Free Fried Chicken

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