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Our Dogs
February 14th, 2012Around the House, LifestyleMelinda 2 Comments

We have had many an animal in my days.  I have had rabbits, a pet squirrel, a pet pigeon, many dogs, a few cats, a dozen or so horses (not counting my near 200 step horses, when I owned a horse boarding barn) When we lived on our farm in Missouri, I recall my dog […]

What is hiding in the food that makes me sick?

You are gluten free, but sometimes you feel you get “glutened” and you just don’t know why.   Or when eating out, the same thing, no success, you always get “glutened”   Well that may not be the case exactly.  I know, because I have been there.  This is what I have found. We all know many […]

The Ten Dollar Kitchen Bad Boy
November 10th, 2011Around the House, LifestyleMelinda 0 Comments

Fifteen years ago, I picked up a coffee grinder at a drugstore for $10.  We are not that committed to coffee grinding and it got pushed to the back of the cabinet.  Then about ten years ago, I started using it again for a variety of uses.  Do you have one in the back of […]

Gluten Free Kitchen – The Freezer
October 13th, 2011Around the House, Keep It SimpleMelinda 0 Comments

Freezing food and meals is both time-saving and economical. There’s nothing better than coming home from work and having yummy gluten free dinner just waiting to be heated up. Here are some tips to help your frozen food taste fresh along the way. FREEZER TEMPERATURE: The optimal temperature of your home freezer is 0 degrees […]

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