Gluten Free Dining – Part 1
October 7th, 2011Dining & Travel, Lifestyle, ReviewsMelinda 1 Comments

I have had a lot of requests for information about eating out.  It can be tough.  While there are food allergen lists out there for several places, many are not updated and change as the establishment changes distributors. The most important advice I can give: 1.  Make a Dietary Card.  I print them from my […]

Quick Easy Roasted Chicken
October 3rd, 2011Keep It Simple, Poultry, RecipesMelinda 0 Comments

When I roast chicken, I always roast two or three.   It takes the same amount of time, I still have only one pan to clean  and I will let the second and/or third chicken cool, then after dinner remove it from the bone and freeze it in quart bags of mixed white and dark meat. […]

Gluten Free on Lana’i Hawaii
September 30th, 2011Dining & Travel, LifestyleMelinda 4 Comments

Recently, I my husband, and our photographer/editor, Ben and some others traveled to Lana’i Hawaii for some television content.  Travel is always exciting and this was no exception. I travel quite a bit, but I was a little concerned about the remote aspects of the small tranquil island.  I packed my usual travel snacks, but […]

A visit with Chef Kevin, and he prepares gaspacho.
September 26th, 2011Dining & Travel, EpisodesMelinda 0 Comments

Part one of my visit with Executive Chef, Kevin Erving of the Four Seasons Resorts, Lana’i Hawaii.  He tells us about his farm to table philosophy and explains the efforts made by he and his staff to accommodate those of us with dietary restrictions.  

Sweet Tangy Gluten Free Barbecue Sauce

Good sauces of any flavor are a hard find for me. In addition to being gluten free I look for a very simple ingredient list with no mystery ingredients, like “Natural Flavors”, or anything hydrolyzed or autolyzed , as well as no additives, colors or preservatives.  When and if you find them, they will usually […]

My “Hamptons”
September 10th, 2011Dining & Travel, LifestyleMelinda 0 Comments

We travel often to our Gulf Coast here in Texas.  My husband and I have been going there for almost 25 years.  We always gravitate to Port Aransas, an area south of Galveston and North of Corpus. Port A is quaint and simple. It does not offer the beauty of Florida beaches or even some […]

Gluten Free Penny Pincher
July 15th, 2011Basics, Keep It Simple, RecipesMelinda 2 Comments

Making gluten free dinner last night, I realized that over the years I have implemented several gluten free penny pinchers.  We all know that Gluten Free products can be costly, so making the best use of those products is essential.  We pay a nice price for a good slice of gluten free bread.  I want […]

July 3rd, 2011LifestyleMelinda 0 Comments

We are so excited about our acquisition of GlutenFreeLifeTV.  After several sessions on where we would like this venture to go.  We decided to adopt the name Discover Gluten Freedom.  After all, it is all about freeing ourselves from the frustrations that can go along with living a Gluten Free lifestyle. Our new name will […]

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