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Sunday 12/18 –  Slow Cooker Sunday – A great day to put a roast and veggies in the slow cooker and “forget about it”  Leftover Alert: Do a nice size beef or pork roast, even chicken we will use 2-3 cups on Thursday. Monday 12/19 – Sausage and Penne Alfredo  – A rich, satisfying dish.  […]

Use of Xanthan and Guar Gums in our Gluten Free Foods
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An interesting read about those gums that are in most of our Gluten Free Foods. Xanthan & guar gum are used extensively as a Gluten replacement in many foods, but they come from some strange places & have some bad side effects Author:     Bruce Scott Dwyer In fact it is believed that it has been […]

Holiday Cake Pops from Udi’s Gluten Free
December 10th, 2011Blog, Desserts, Entertaining, Lifestyle, RecipesMelinda 0 Comments

What’s better than a cake pop?  How about a gluten free cake pop…Udi’s style!  This whimsical confectionery trend is in full swing.  Little bite sized morsels of sweet cake wrapped in chocolate and planted on a lollipop stick has been a huge baking hit lately.  But who says the gluten free world can’t take part in this fun sweet […]

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Sunday 12/11 – Hometisserie Chicken, Using the Roasted Chicken baking instructions,  season one chicken (or half of what you will be cooking) with my Hometisserie Seasoning, serve with Gluten Free Macaroni and Cheese and  Slaw.         Leftover Alert:  Roast 2 chickens (or double the pieces) and reserve 2-3 cups pulled chicken for a […]

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Sunday 12/4 –  Slow Cooker Dinner, with your favorite veggies.  Do a nice size pork or beef roast, we will use 2-3 cups later in the week, about 1/2 cup per person. Monday 12/5 – Ham and Potato Casserole with Roasted Brussels Sprouts Tuesday 12/6 – Taco Tuesday! Serve with beans, rice, and/or a salad. […]

Birthday Giveaway!
December 4th, 2011Blog, LifestyleMelinda 118 Comments

  For my Birthday this year, I am having a Gluten Free Giveaway!  For the next 41 days I will be randomly giving away Gluten Free Cookbooks, Dining Apps, Gluten Free Products and more.  Please leave your comments, suggestions, or helpful hints below to be entered in the giveaway.  I will have a weekly random […]

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Sunday 11/27 – Gluten Free Fried Chicken with green beans, and mashed potatoes.  My absolute favorite Sunday Dinner.  Feel free to make extra, for lunches, snacks or to freeze. Monday 11/28 – Your favorite weeknight “Go To” recipe.  Maybe spaghetti, or tacos. Tuesday 11/29 – Gluten Free Sloppy Joes with sides of your choice.  I love […]

Gluten Free Etiquette?
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This is from a recent Reuters article. It is nice to remember we are not the only people with dietary concerns.    My recommendations are always, be polite, offer to bring a dish, or simply eat ahead.  However I have been known to do the “plate push” occasionally.  I avoid more than just Gluten, as many […]

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A holiday week planner is tough, you never know what a household will be doing this week.  I have included 2 Thanksgiving leftover ideas, one for turkey and one for ham. Sunday 11/20 – Easy Gluten Free Teriyaki Chicken with fast and easy Hawaiian Rice , with steamed vegetables or a big salad.  Leftover Alert:  […]

What is hiding in the food that makes me sick?

You are gluten free, but sometimes you feel you get “glutened” and you just don’t know why.   Or when eating out, the same thing, no success, you always get “glutened”   Well that may not be the case exactly.  I know, because I have been there.  This is what I have found. We all know many […]

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