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P. F. Chang’s has Expanded Their Gluten Free Menu
July 1st, 2012Dining & Travel, LifestyleMelinda 0 Comments

A recent visit to P.F. Chang’s has brought some things to my attention.  The gluten free menu has been expanded. – adding  several new menu items to the already substantial gluten free menu. P.F. Chang’s has been wonderful to the gluten free community with their attention to cross contamination and detail, as well as their […]

Gluten Free in the Wild
June 20th, 2012Dining & Travel, LifestyleDiscover Gluten Freedom 0 Comments

posted by Jill, Udi’s Gluten Free Whether you are a casual car camper or a back-country warrior, camping is a favorite pastime for outdoor enthusiasts during the summer months.  We, at Udi’s, are lucky to be based in beautiful Colorado, where trail heads and camp sites are abundant; last-minute weekend road trips become as easy […]

March 1st, 2012Dining & TravelMelinda 0 Comments

I have carried a dining card with me for years.   I mention it in most of my dining blogs.  It was always just a word doc that I put about 8-10 on a page and cut them into slips.  Nothing fancy.  However recently I just had the text added to my business card. Here is […]

Gluten Free at Texas Roadhouse
February 19th, 2012Dining & Travel, ReviewsMelinda 7 Comments

I was recently routed to a Texas Roadhouse for lunch, in Waco, just off the infamous Circle.   I figured I would have a baked potato, generally a safe “go to” for me.  I decided to ASK if they had a Gluten Free Menu.  Our server, Stephanie, perked up, and said…”Yes” A little bit later, she […]

Gluten Free Etiquette?
November 20th, 2011Blog, Dining & Travel, LifestyleMelinda 0 Comments

This is from a recent Reuters article. It is nice to remember we are not the only people with dietary concerns.    My recommendations are always, be polite, offer to bring a dish, or simply eat ahead.  However I have been known to do the “plate push” occasionally.  I avoid more than just Gluten, as many […]

What is hiding in the food that makes me sick?

You are gluten free, but sometimes you feel you get “glutened” and you just don’t know why.   Or when eating out, the same thing, no success, you always get “glutened”   Well that may not be the case exactly.  I know, because I have been there.  This is what I have found. We all know many […]

Gluten Free Dining – Part 2
November 5th, 2011Dining & Travel, ReviewsMelinda 2 Comments

I have had two recent dining out situations I would like to share. While visiting an Outback Steakouse, I ordered my typical Grilled Shrimp and Alice Springs Chicken. I ALWAYS order from and remind the server that I am ordering from the Gluten Free menu, which I did.   I ALWAYS order at Outback the following […]

GlutenLess Dining iPhone App Now Available
October 7th, 2011Dining & Travel, Lifestyle, ReviewsMelinda 1 Comments

GlutenLessDining.com announced that its first gluten free lifestyle app is now available for sale in the Apple App Store. The GlutenLess Dining App lists over 3,200 gluten free menu items offered by more than 150 top U.S. restaurant chains. The launch of this app comes at a time when the number of people diagnosed each […]

Gluten Free Dining – Part 1
October 7th, 2011Dining & Travel, Lifestyle, ReviewsMelinda 1 Comments

I have had a lot of requests for information about eating out.  It can be tough.  While there are food allergen lists out there for several places, many are not updated and change as the establishment changes distributors. The most important advice I can give: 1.  Make a Dietary Card.  I print them from my […]

Gluten Free on Lana’i Hawaii
September 30th, 2011Dining & Travel, LifestyleMelinda 4 Comments

Recently, I my husband, and our photographer/editor, Ben and some others traveled to Lana’i Hawaii for some television content.  Travel is always exciting and this was no exception. I travel quite a bit, but I was a little concerned about the remote aspects of the small tranquil island.  I packed my usual travel snacks, but […]

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